Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kokopelli Indian Dancer

I mentioned in my earlier post that I had a lot to tell you all. Three post later and you are all believing me. hehe

Mother's Day is on it's way, so I am hoping to actually get an earlier start than I usually do when it comes to preparing for a holiday that includes gift giving. At the Sewing and Craft Fair that I attended last month, I found this really unique craft that used foam core board to create a picture that looks like it was quilted. One of the displays was of a Kokopelli. My mother-in-law loves Kokopellis. I immediately thought of her when I saw it and decided that it would be a perfect Mother's Day gift. Here the pictures for you to see.

Preparation Stage

Completed picture

Indiana Jones Birthday Invitations

Well, my son's 6th birthday is fast approaching. He wants an Indiana Jones birthday party. I finally completed the birthday invitations. He was so excited when he saw them. As I was finishing up the last of them, he came into the room and excited asked if they were is. When I said yes, he started singing the Indiana Jones theme song.

Here is a picture of the birthday invitations:

Now I just have to create the image for his birthday cake. It is tradition, every year I bake the kid's birthday cakes. I bake a 1/2 sheet cake and decorate it. I typically use an edible frosting sheets to have the image that I design printed on it using edible printer ink.

Here is a picture of last years birthday cake using edible frosting sheets..

side of cake

So much to tell

Hello friends...

There is so much to tell. I have to tell you all about the rubberstamp show that I attended with my mom last weekend.

I will first start with an update on the ATC contest. Sadly... I did not win. I will honestly say I was really disappointed that I didn't even get Honorable Mention. But... there is always next year. Now for the exciting news, my mom won Second Place for her ATC. She did such a fabulous job on her ATC. I was so proud and happy for her. The funny part of this is that she wasn't even going to participate in the contest. I kept nagging her until she finally gave in. I am so glad she did. I think the judges were too. They really admired her work. Here is a picture of the gorgeous ATC she made.

The show itself was amazing. Wayyyy too much goodies for one place. The moment I walked into the building, I short circuted from all of the tables displaying what I can only describe as wallet emptying fun. I will admit that I left the building with a couple of bags worth of goodies.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Rubberstamp Convention this Saturday!!!!!

This saturday is going to be wayyyyyyyyy too much fun. I am going to spend the day with my mom and daughter browsing table after table of tempting fun all trying to empty my pocketbook.

There is an ATC competition to which the winners will receive convention money to spend on the vendors that day.

So... here is the ATC that I created for the competition.